2016. December 15.

The GEODÉZIA Ltd. was founded on 29. 12. 1990. with the participation of 14 indviduals and a corporation. The Ltd. has started the works with 2 branch offices in Baja and Paks, and a head office in Szekszárd, and there were ca. 30 employees in the beginning.

Later then in 1993 the GEODÉZIA Ltd. was totally become a private company.

In the beginning of the 90’s the company took part in the works of land privatisation, which concered the country, as well as developed the communication infrastructure.

The company connected first to the National Cadastral Program which is started in 1997, where took part in the produce of Hungary’s digital surveying base maps.

Geodézia Ltd. made line survey and line law for almost every dominant public utilities company for the personnal assets laws’ legalistation.

The company’s colleagues participated several national significance construction for infrastructural and industrial facilities.

The company’s activity was characterized by consistensly operation and continuous increase all the time. The number of colleagues grew up to 60 a few years after, and stabilized in this rate. The hired offices were changed continuously to private office and a new branch office was opened in Dunaújváros in 2003.

The key to GEODÉZIA’s success is the high qualified colleagues and theirs experience. Therefore the company always supports the colleagues’ study and their participate in conferences.

The technical and technological development and the increase of effectiveness are very important for the company. The company was always treated particulalry relevant the matter of technical development.

The third keystone of the company’s activity is the Quality Management. The company company has been certificated with quality management system by ISO  since 2001, which is regurarly regenerated. The management and the colleagues are both committed to qualitative surveying works.

Due to these results in these days the GEODÉZIA Ltd.  is on strong financial and technical foundation, and it is significant company in Hungary, which has hegemony in its area.

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