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Quality Managing Policy

The GEODÉZIA Ltd. has made an efforts to guarantee the quality of its works since the company was founded.

Our clients get our works after our exacting multi-stage quality checking.

Our company has been certificated with quality management system by MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 since 17. 07. 2009, which was regenerated on by CERTOP Certification Services Company on 29.07.2021.

Quality Managing Policy

The purpose of the GEODÉZIA Ltd. is to provide recognized cartographical and surveying services on the market, comply the technical standards provide high quality works for our clients.

The quality requirements of our services are based on our clients’ requirements, and the comply for technical standards and regulations.

We are going to fulfill our clients’ requirements with

* achieve to our contractual commitments completely and according to schedule,

* problems come up during services process which need to solve with creative and imaginative way,

* monitoring our customers’ satisfaction.

Furthermore our purposes are increase the quality of our maps and geodetical services, ensure their availability, and support the clients’ satisfaction.

At our company in every structural level we

* validate the quality approach,

* provide for quality and professional trainings for our colleagues.

Our business activities are based on our quality aystem. Under this quality aystem we create and sustainable for the client’s claims, technical standards and regulations.

We are developing permanently our quality system which is based on the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 international standard. We achieve our mean objectives with accordance to the professional requirements.

The company’s purposes with operate the quality systems are as follows:

* increase our company’s competitiveness and efficiency,

* increase our company’s business reputation,

* ensure to earn a good living and growth for our members and employees in the long run.

The certificate is avaible in English and Hungarian

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